Board of Directors

  • President: Brett Beutel
  • Secretary: Vacant
  • Treasurer: Jason Smith
  • Director of Lifesaving: Tom Schneider
  • Director of Surf Sports: Karla James
  • Director of Junior Activities: Dan Ware

To contact the Board of Directors, please email:

Club Officers

  • Patron: Craig Williams
  • Surf Boat Captain: David Mitchell
  • Chief training Officer: Ian Phillips
  • First Aid Officer: Lyn Sarquis and Leon Dunstan
  • Club House Officer: Robert (Hoddy) Hodgson

Junior Activities Committee

  • Junior Activities Chair: Dan Ware
  • Deputy Junior Activities Coordinator: Vacant
  • Secretary: Brooke Colless
  • Treasurer: David Portas
  • Registrar: vacant
  • Team Manager:

To contact the Junior Activities Committee, please email: