Our Junior Activities Committee and other contacts for the 2021/22 Season are:

Position Name
Patron Dave Egan
Junior Activities Director Murray Seaton
Deputy Junior Activities Director Adam Bruhn
Secretary Joelle Bruhn
Treasurer Clint Colless
Registrar Vanessa Kilner
Team Manager Brooke Colless
Awards Officer Kel Chapman
Board Hire Jane Dillon / Dan Ware
Chief Official Kristy Randall
Team Photographer Lisa Jacobsen / Brooke Ingram-Colless
Water Safety David Portas
Clothing Store Joelene Seaton
BBQ Convener Emma Mannion
First Aid Vanessa Kilner
Youth Development Kelly Piazza
U14 Age Manager Kelly Piazza
U13 Age Manager Dan Ware
U12 Age Manager Maurizio Piazza / Andrew James
U11 Age Manager Joelle Bruhn / Steve Mannion
U10 Age Manager Clint Colless / Wayne Merrotsy
U9 Age Manager Corrie Rowlands
U8 Age Manager Matilda Yates / Adam Bruhn
U7 Age Manager Jaron Winter
U6 Age Manager Frank Osborne / Dave Egan