The Club will make available each season a number of nipper boards to be hired, with a payment of  a hire charge and completion of a Board Hire Lease agreement (refer to the Tugun SLSC Nippers Team App to find out more and how to apply)

The condition of each and every board is documented at the start of the season and at the conclusion of the season.

Any repairs that are needed throughout the season are the responsibility of the nipper/parent/guardian.

2022 – 2023 Board Hire fees

  • Kracka Mal = $350 per season (Category 1)
  • Kracka Mal = $250 per season (Category 2)
  • Kracka Mal = $200 per season (Category 3)
  • Fibreglass Boards = $250 (Category 1)
  • Fibreglass Boards = $200 (Category 2)
  • Fibreglass Boards = $100 – $150 (category 3)
  • Foamie Nipper Boards = $150 (Category 1)
  • Foamie Nipper Boards = $50 (Category 2)

Please note board hire fees may be subject to change.

We would like to remind all members that the boards used in the scheme are very expensive and need to be looked after!

If you damage a board you will be responsible to repair it at your own cost!

Care of Boards

Boards are a very important and expensive asset that the Tugun Nipper club invest in to ensure that all kids are given the opportunity to use them.

Please remember to:

  • Never leave your board laying in the sun for long periods of time
  • Don’t sit or lay on your board out of the water
  • Tap up the tail of the board if you are going to drag it
  • Lay your board with fin up
  • Check for damage to the board before and after use
  • Ding repairs are at you own cost and must be done by a reputable ding repair specialist (for information speak to Murray Seaton)
  • If the board is snapped, stolen or lost it is your responsibility
  • If you do get a ding remove the board from the water ASAP
  • Take responsibility for the board that is allocated to you
  • A board cover must be provided for the board
  • Always wash down you board after each use with fresh water